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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today's Eats and Beats

Still no word on the juicer... but that's not keeping me down one bit.  Momentum still going strong!

Had a few salads today.  Romaine, radish, carrots, broccoli, those little tomatoes, and cauliflower... with sparingly added light dressing and whole wheat natural croutons.  Also had another bit of that Naked Green Machine juice as well as a banana.

Something interesting I've noticed is a slight change in my tastes already.  I 'normally' hate tomatoes of all sorts unless they are processed with tons of sugar and vinegar into ketchup... but having the baby tomatoes with the salad was really rather tangy and tasty!

As for my activity for the day:

At work I did a fair amount of walking in addition to some light hiking up a small mountain trail.  Not much, but enough to get the sweat flowing both times.

In addition to eating a little more, I had a rather invigorating time at the dreaded gym today.  It was crowded, but along with my earbuds and closed eyes I got to slip into my zone and hit it.  About 20-minutes on the elliptical and 10 on the treadmill at a moderate intensity.  Think doing both with the beat from "Don't Stop Believin' by Journey.  I had to break a little at times when I could feel my pulse getting a bit too high for comfort.  I did count about 50b/15sec (200/m) on the watch at one point.

All in all a very good day in my opinion!

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