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Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Interesting Article I Found

Now the thing all of us 'overweighters' have always heard when it comes to dropping the pounds is that you must radically alter your diet and exercise vigorously several times a week.  Well that's not entirely true.  I remember reading some time back that for people of all shapes and sizes... just 30-minutes of aerobic exercise a day (or even every other day) was all that was recommended for general health management.

That's it!  Any more is essentially only for additional fitness training and athletes... NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS!

I bet if you're ever tried to lose weight you've found yourself at the gym and looking down at the display on the machine to see how many calories that 10 minutes of walking just burned for you... and AGHAST... it's less than a measly 100!  That's because it really doesn't take many more calories for the body to perform additional physical work.  It's just unsettling to think that it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of vigorous exercise just to work off a single soft drink.

Over 90% of your weight loss will rely on your determination to stick with a good change in diet.

(PS) Another note of interest is that overweight people on average have a relatively high metabolism as well as a hefty amount of LBM (Lean Body Mass).  Those weights will only lead you to GAIN additional (muscle) weight.

(PS/2) [yes that's a geeky joke]: This post may seem anti-exercise... but the 30m/d of light cardio exercise is still a great thing for your body.  The purpose here was to point out that you shouldn't fit an unsustainable level of intense exercise in with your weight loss plans... it may only serve to mislead your expectations and make the weight loss journey more unpleasant that it needs to be.

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