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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Observation from Today

When I began this journey I remember something my mother told me that in essence was: "Just cause you're going on a diet doesn't mean you should go pig out like crazy in some last meal extravaganza."  ... and at first I didn't think much of it.

Now I find myself thinking of how right she was.  At first, since I was still fairly excited and pumped over my plan, it hadn't really settled in that I may never consume these junk foods that I once did.  Now... the idea of heading to Longhorns and taking down a $30 meal of baby back ribs, fries, and whatever as my last 'piggy' meal does seem tempting.

I'm talking myself out of it though.  She was right.  If I am to be serious about this, that means no trying to wiggle around the details to satisfy a craving that is the root of my problems.  Sure my juicing 'fast' doesn't start until the 15th... but what sort of discipline can I demonstrate to myself if I revert to old habits before I even begin.

I want this to be the end of the old me and the start of the new me.

No looking back.

(takes another bite of a delicious carrot)

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